Six months ago I arrived in Madrid.  I recently began to organize all my photos.  All 1200 of them 🙂  Obviously, not all were good


No idea what this was!

There were many that I liked, but didn’t have time to upload while on the Camino.  WiFi was not always cooperative, so I often had to delete pictures I had intended to include with earlier posts.  Now, however, I can post.  So here are the first of (perhaps) many.  The few panoramic shots I took.


October 5 – Basque country – Deba to Markina – early afternoon after a really rainy morning.


October 25 – Borres to Berducedo – our longest day without services and the most remote section of the Camino by far.


October 27 – Grandas de Salime to Padron – the last day in Asturias and first day in Galicia!



November 5 – Finisterre – the end of the world.  A day of sunshine and clouds and the ocean once more.

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