Welcome to my blog!  I walked the Camino de Santiago in the fall of 2014.  I started on the Northern Route (el Camino del Norte), also known as the Coastal Route (Ruta de la Costa), beginning in Hendaye, France and then joined the Original Route (Camino Primitivo) near Oviedo.  From there, the Camino Primitivo joined the Camino Frances (the one featured in the movie) and headed into Santiago de Compostela.

I was able to write every day, to journal my experience, and published posts and pictures when I found Wi-Fi.  Now that I am home, I find myself reminiscing on the lessons learned and people met on the Camino.  Stories are still out there that need to be told, and hopefully will, though not as frequently as when I was on the Camino.

I can still pray for any requests you may have, and set up a dedicated e-mail that I still check: andreaonthecamino@gmail.com.

Thanks for following me on this journey!

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  1. Brian Wise says:

    We are looking forward to hearing about your journey. We will pray for a safe and spirit filled pilgrimage. Buen Camino!


  2. Nadine says:

    What an amazing blog! I spent the past few days reading through it, and it’s a treasure. I walked the Frances last summer and am returning this summer for another Camino, and most likely will do the Norte and then hook up with the Primitivo. So reading about your stages was so helpful, and I’m sure I’ll come back here for more tips/info as my Camino approaches. Thank you for sharing your journey, it sounds like you had such an amazing one!!


    • Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting. I’ve perused some of your blog and will definitely read more, especially as your adventures continue! The Norte/Primitivo was amazing and I highly recommend it. Feel free to ask any questions – I love helping. I do only have my experience, of course, so it is highly biased 🙂 And more stories will be added to this blog. The Camino might be over, for now, but there is still lots of (figurative) unpacking to do.


  3. NYC_Hut says:

    How did you write everyday — what did you use?


    • I typed every night on my phone in an app called Evernote. Then when I had WiFi (i kept my phone in airplane mode and could only connect in WiFi), I would cut and paste in the WordPress app and add pictures. Some days I didn’t have WiFi, so I’d have to post double post on days I did.


  4. Rodney says:


    There are 6 of us walking from irun to oviedo in July 2017. What advice can you offer us concerning stages, hostels, expenses, etc? I’d love to see your complete itinerary.



    • All my stages are on this page on this blog:

      I walked in October, when more things were closed, so you will have more choices for accommodation than I did as the municipal albergues will be open while you are there. In bigger cities (Bilbao, San Sebastian, etc.) it might be beneficial to call ahead the day before, since there are 6 of you. Sometimes, a larger room in a private albergue or pension might be more economical as you can split the cost. San Sebastian was very full when we got there and we ended up staying 3 of us in a 4-person room and it was 17 euro per person. Other (better) deals might be available with more planning.

      Otherwise, Basque Country (Pais Vasco) was more expensive than Cantabria and Asturias, but not by much. With 6 people, you could also be more economical by shopping and cooking your own meals. I didn’t cook a lot until the Primitivo, so I don’t remember the kitchen facilities before then. There were plenty of grocery stores and markets (fruterias for fruits and veggies) for buying supplies and also enough cafes for cafe con leche and a snack.

      Buen Camino!


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