Preparations (part 1)

So, you’ve been walking a lot, right?

Short answer: nope!

Long answer: I’ve been on a few long hikes this summer, but earlier in the summer, so it has been a while.  I have gone on short walks with the little girls and the puppy, but the longest was about 2 miles.  And never with a pack.  I might practice with the pack on Friday, but I just got it yesterday, so haven’t had a chance.

I feel I am in decent shape, and definitely have more upper body and core strength than ever before, thanks to a summer of aerial classes! I am growing a little nervous, however, as according to my guidebook, the first day’s terrain is ranked 5/5 for difficulty and last year our hardest day was only a 3/5 and I found that to be quite challenging!  As one friend put it, I’ll definitely build my trail legs quickly! I just need to make sure I do find good walking sticks, but more about the equipment preparations in my next post…

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