One Month post-Camino

I have been home officially one full month today.  Though my plane landed in Indy at 11pm on November 8, I did not get home until November 9, so this is my one month anniversary of being home!

I realized I never talked about what it was like to first come home, nor about the adjustment to “real life,” so those posts will happen soon.

Also, this is the last time I will link my posts to Facebook, so if you want to rad the rest of the story, or learn about how Ace of Base fits into Camino-life, then please just follow the blog.  I’d tell you exactly how to do that, but I’m not sure myself!

Anyway, my feet are still a little bit nasty, but they no longer stink.  Neither do my sandals, though they are still in the laundry room just in case!  Everything has been washed and dried on hot to make sure I didn’t bring home any bedbugs, and my backpack all of a sudden seems so small.  My tan lines are fading and some of the memories, too, possibly because it still seems strange that something I desired to accomplish for nearly 15 years has already come and gone.  But the stories remain, and pictures and videos that didn’t make it in the original posts.

So, my Camino might be over – technically – but this blog isn’t.  Please stay tuned for such interesting topics as FAQs, best/worst albergues, cultural stereotypes, prettiest coffee, my favorites/least favorites, observations on using the facilities in the middle of nowhere, and, as mentioned above, how Ace of Base fits into all of this.


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