My Camino by the Numbers

official kilometers walked (according to my certificate): 809

approximate miles: 505

Euros spent: 1005

cost of plane ticket plus travel insurance: $199

days spent walking: 34

pounds lost: 4 (not on purpose!)

trains taken: 3 (to/from Madrid and one Feve stop from Boo)

busses taken: 3

taxis taken: 1

average number of cafés con leche drunk per day: 1.3

blisters: 8

sprained ankles: 1

visits to pharmacies: 5

longest day: 27 miles (Santillana del Mar to San Vicente)

shortest day: 3 miles (Monte de Gozo to Santiago)

most expensive night: San Sebastian- 17€

least expensive night: Escamplero- 4€

number of times I *almost* got caught peeing in the woods: 1

number of times I went in the ocean: at least 6

photos taken: over 1000!

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5 Responses to My Camino by the Numbers

  1. MJ Kurdys says:

    By “went” in the ocean, I assume you mean wading? It’s only the juxtaposition with the number before it that made me wonder…..😉


  2. Mary Seal says:

    Welcome back and congratulations on accomplishing all your goals! We’ll look forward to seeing you back in choir and hearing about your favorite impressions of Spain. Glad you took so many pictures. They will refresh your memory when you get as old as me:)
    Mary S.


  3. Thanks for blogging about it Andrea, it was so fun to read! I plan on doing the Camino when i go to Europe in about 3 years.


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