To the coast, part one. Santiago to Negreira.

Many options to begin this post. Having a hard time deciding what angle to take.

* So, the weather report was wrong today. We didn’t have pouring rain, just steady, constant rain. Oh, and blustery wind. The weather forecast forgot that, too!

* Apparently my convertible hiking pants are see-through when wet. There’s also a worn spot on the tush. Good thing I only have to wear them for the next 4 days.

* Hand washing and wringing have done a number on my clothes, apparently. I poked a hole in something just putting it on this morning. Probably didn’t help that it was completely wet before I pulled it on.

* Last time I was so wet in my clothes was when I was a Girl Scout learning canoe rescues in the bay and we tipped with our clothes and shoes on.

* Thinking positively, it could have been worse. There might have been hail. Or snow. We only had record-setting rain. That’s all. 🙂

* So grateful for a clothes dryer today. And the opportunity for a hot shower. Started reflecting on suffering and how even though today was hard, I knew the end was coming. But for many, they do not know the end. How hard that must be.

Seriously questioned my intelligence multiple times this morning. In case you couldn’t tell from the above thoughts, it rained today. All day. Plus wind. Only 16 miles, though, so 6 hours including stops. Actually, just 1 stop, because the first was technically before I started and it was too wet and cold to stop again.

I attempted to go to Mass this morning and then hoped to go to adoration to make the Marian consecration, but I wasn’t allowed in the cathedral with my backpack, so I made my consecration on the steps outside sheltered as much as could be from the rain. Then I went and drank coffee.

Did I mention that it rained today? Tash left this morning and Vittorio was never planning to go to Finisterre, but I was going to start walking with Marco and Alessandro. However, Ale didn’t want to leave the hostel due to the rain, and Marco (who must’ve gone in a different door because he wasn’t kicked out of the cathedral due to his backpack) said they would probably go by bus tomorrow. So I set off alone.

And was overtaken by Petra after what seemed like an hour or so. Not completely sure; my hands and arms were inside my poncho the whole day. We walked together for a while, then stopped for a coffee and tortilla at the first and only bar we found. At this point, I wasn’t completely wet, yet.


See! My waistband is dry!

She set off before I did, with plans to meet at a specific albergue in town.  We did meet there, but it wasn’t open yet, so we went to a different one. One Euro more, but already open, so better! Great kitchen! Free WiFi. Washer and dryer! And right near the last supermarket/grocery for 2 days. I could have worn my clothes in the shower and they probably wouldn’t have gotten much wetter! So grateful for a clothes dryer!

After the laundry was done and we could put on clean and warm clothes, we headed for the store to stock up and grab dinner. One empanada, some fruit, chocolate, and water. Yum!

Off to bed soon. Rain again tomorrow! Good night!







Albergue: 10€
Laundry: 6€
Coffee/food: 16€

A more expensive day, but the laundry needed to be done.

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2 Responses to To the coast, part one. Santiago to Negreira.

  1. Aileen says:

    We are so proud of you and love your blog. Can’t wait to talk about it in real time 🙂 God bless you.
    Steve, Aileen and Charlotte


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