Stage 29 ~ Lugo to As Seixas

October 30

Approximately 23 miles (including a bit of wandering trying to find the path)

Albergue: 6€
Food: 4.5€

Ugh. Started off as one of those days that just has to get done. I was one of the last to leave the albergue and got turned around by the cathedral and wandered for a bit before I could find my way out of the city. Then there was traffic. And it was quite cold. And I was walking alone and the Camino was 90% road today. Really a not fun morning.

But it did get better. My ankle was wrapped better and I had my foot cushions in, so at least my legs weren’t sore. I am disappointed, however, that I never got to the point of feeling good while walking. Seems like every time some part gets stronger and stops hurting, something else takes its place. Lately it has been my shoulders, which could be due to how I’m carrying my water, so I am going to try something new tomorrow,and see if that helps. I just figured I’d be beyond the point of having to keep adjusting and just have a rhythm by now. With just 2-5 hiking days left, I no longer see it happening.

Yes, just 2 or 5 days left, depending on if I hike or bus to Finisterre after Santiago. Part of me wants to, part of me is done! Perhaps I will feel differently after a day off in Santiago.

This albergue is wonderful! Repurposed old stone farm buildings with lots of neat niches and just simple touches that make it homey and just lovely.  It’s not 2km from the last sign as was posted somewhere, but that’s fine. I’ve learned that all distances are highly estimated over here. It’s been a learning process!

I ran into Tash and Vittorio at lunch and walked kind of with them for the afternoon, but fell a little behind and arrived just after them. Perfect timing, as the showers and laundry areas were both free!

A relaxing evening. Seven of us now as Marco had a friend join in Lugo for the last 100km. Tomorrow we join up with the Frances, so there will be more people. Trying not to over analyze what that means, so just enjoying the time tonight with these guys.



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