Stage 23 ~ Tineo to Borres

October 24

Albergue: 5€
Coffee/food/new earplugs: 5€

Only 12 miles. On purpose and planned because tomorrow is supposed to be quite challenging.

Started off a bit later today as a result. Sun almost up this time. Someone’s alarm went off at 7:30, so everyone was up then, but not all left at the same time. Tash and I again set off together and again spread out after a bit, then walked together again later. We also walked a tiny bit with Javi from Barcelona and were passed by Peter the Dutch who was walking at a very fast clip.

At one point I made a 1 km roundtrip detour to an abandoned monastery, locked, of course and then caught up the Javi at the only bar on the route who said Tash was inside. So, I met her for a coffee, and then we did a bit of shopping for tomorrow (17 km without opportunity for water fill up or food stop) and headed off again.

After just a short while, we came to Borres. I stopped in at the bar to register for the albergue and then headed back (the turnoff was a bit before the bar) while Tash ventured on to camp out by the fountain a little further up the hill. It will be our last chance for water tomorrow morning.

Vittorio and Javi were already at the albergue and we were joined throughout the afternoon by Kevin from England, whom we had met yesterday, Tim from England, whom Tash and Vittorio had met before and who called me by name as he was coming up the hill because they had talked about me when they had met, Marco from Italy, and the Spanish couple also from last night.

All but Javi eventually went to the bar for dinner or to socialize and it was a great evening. Really relaxing and a good way to prepare for tomorrow. It will be great to meet up with everyone again on the other side of the mountain!







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