Stage 15 – Buelna to Playa de Poo

October 16 – Thursday

Albergue: 12.5€
Foot cushions (my feet are voicing their displeasure with the paved roads): 12€
Coffee and grocery store: 6€

A more expensive day, but the feet cushions should help. I got the same kind I’ve seen many pilgrims wear and they came highly recommended.

Today began with breakfast at the hostel around 8am. The days are definitely getting shorter, so I will have to take that into consideration when thinking of the coming days.  I have really tried to not worry about or plan too many days ahead because plans often go awry. I only really start planning when the weekend is coming and I want to definitely find a place to go to Mass.

After breakfast, Petra set off quite quickly and we didn’t see her again for hours! Tash and I stuck together for what we planned to be a bit, but ended up being the whole day. In the beginning, it was a bit difficult to find the path, and I’m definitely seeing that at least this part of Asturias is not as clear as the previous two regions. Anyway, we found it, we walked, we got rained on, and we had a lovely day!

The weather here has been overall pleasant. A bit of rain some days, lots of rain others. All but one, however, have had at least a few moments of sun, which means I definitely appreciate it when it is out.

Today was absolutely beautiful!! The rugged coast, the clouds, the Picos, the geysers (which we saw once). Absolutely beautiful! I am truly blessed to be able yo experience this.

We did run in to Petra for a coffee and market stop in Llanes. She needed to really walk today, so she kept going after that, while Tash and I had decided earlier to stop in Playa de Poo. To be perfectly honest, the name did help in the decision-making process. As did the fact that we aren’t sure if the albergues in 5 or 10 kilometers are actually open at this point and we didn’t want to walk 15 or 20 more this afternoon. So, we stopped.

And it is wonderful! There is a mother and daughter from Korea here and we have met the daughter and walked to town with her. The hospitalero gave us ripe figs straight from the tree and told us to puck more if we wanted. The terrace looks out over the backyard and mountains. So beautiful! And only 5 minutes from the beach! And we have our own little house we are sharing with Vittorio! Who showed up about 2 hours after we got here. Good to see a familiar face again.

It began to rain as we were coming back from the beach and a hot shower felt great! We ate our grocery store dinner (prepackaged salad, cucumbers, lemon yogurt, and biscuits and chocolate for dessert) and are now cozy in our cabin. We can even hear cowbells from across the street. Awesome!

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1 Response to Stage 15 – Buelna to Playa de Poo

  1. MJ Kurdys says:

    Playa del Poo! Hilarious! Proud of your perseverence! This is an incredibly integral element of spiritual growth! Even physical endurance and perseverance prepares one for spiritual battle! So do not worry that you are not ‘”feeling it” – NO DOUBT God is working hard to build you up!!! Praying for you, sister!!!


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