Stage 5~ Markina to Gernika

Sitting in a restaurant/bar in Gernika with two Frenchmen, one each Italian, Hungarian and Irishman, waiting on the German/Spanish couple from Zurich. We have all ran into each other throughout the past couple of days- passing each other and stopping for coffee or a rest together. It is pretty awesome.

Today started off slow getting ready. There were bugs in the hostel last night, but I am told they were not bedbugs, so hopefully not! It got better as we walked. We made it to Bolivar (ancestral homeland of Simon Bolivar) in time for a cafe con leche. Others joined us and said we should exchange numbers to meet together in the evening. As my phone is not set up for calls, some later decided we should all meet in the city center and find a place together. We are walking in the off-season, so the municipal albergues are mostly closed.

The walk was pleasant. A level 4 as opposed to 5, which we have been having. Felt good, except for the blisters. I’m a little bit annoyed as my shoes and socks have never given me blisters before. I might need new socks. After a shower and rest, it feels like walking on pins and needles. Starting to walk after a rest is the worst, but if I keep going it feels better.

Camino spirit has really shown through, however. I was accompanied to the pharmacy by the Spanish man who helped me find smaller blister bandages than the ones I have. He and his friend also let me use extra waterproofing stuff for my shoes, because the water hurts. We shall see.

It was another great day. Slightly different terrain than yesterday again, but nice. Good to be settled again. Need to finish to upload as the bar has WiFi, but not the pension.

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2 Responses to Stage 5~ Markina to Gernika

  1. MJ Kurdys says:

    Andrea, I am thoroughly enjoying your blog! Praying for you everyday! God love ya, sister!!!!


  2. Brian Wise says:

    Looks like you are a day from Bilbao. I am looking forward to pictures of the Guggenheim. Be careful in the big city.


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