Stage 4 ~ Deba to Markina

A great day! It rained and was beautiful.

My poncho works.

My shoes are not waterproof.

Five blisters on my toes. One old one popped because the wet took the tape off. That baby toe now also has a huge one on its tip. 2 other blisters on the other baby toe and a little blister from a couple of days before. Really, 5?!? I had zero last year and none ever in these shoes before.

Cafe con leche is a great way to start the day.

Fall crocus? Not entirely sure, but definitely more colors of flowers than I expected.

Aquarius (better than Gatorade) with my vitamin powder is my new special drink.

I ate blackberries from a bush off the side of the trail. Saw them during a potty break. That’s something that doesn’t happen every day.

More ups and downs and away from the ocean. Pretty mountains and valleys.

Staying at a hostel with the nicest owners! The daughter took over for her dad, Augusto, after he died of a sudden heart attack in July. Someone put newspapers in our shoes to help them dry while we were in the shower. Daughter came in and saw me tending my blisters, so she told me to use her waxy stuff tomorrow and then just leave it in the kitchen. We were then wandering around town and she saw us and called us into the bar she was in and bought us wine!

I am now suffering the side effects of such wine with a runny nose and sneezing.

I am hoping my clothes dry overnight this time. More rain is expected tomorrow afternoon.

A beautiful day!!!

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