Day 0

Called day 0 because I only got a little outside Irun.  Staying at an albergue that is still a working flour mill, with the flour used to make their bread.  It was my plan to end up here, so that is good, but I didn’t expect to be escorted here by the mayor of Irun!  I met a girl from Australia at the train station in Madrid and we took the train together to Hendaye.  We wandered around town and she checked in to the pension she had pre-booked.  I bought some walking sticks and then we were off to try to find a credential for her (mine came in the mail a few days before I left). We didn’t find a credential for her, but did run in to an Irish guy who didn’t know the Irun albergue closed today.  I told him I was heading to this hostel, so we headed out together.

It was only supposed to be a little over 4 km, but after what seemed like a long time we still weren’t finding it, so we asked a man walking on the rail and he started walking with us.  We passed an older couple coming from the other direction and they stoped to chat with the man and then told us he was the mayor of Irun!  He ended up walking us the whole rest of the way and sharing with us about the Basque country and some history of the Camino.  Didn’t get his picture, but it was really neat that he did that for us.

Hostel was 17e, breakfast included.  I opted in for the 10e dinner, which was good, but not worth 10e.  I am grateful to have had my first full meal since the airplane, though.  And I have showered and changed clothes!  I am tired, but feeling prety good.  A little sore in the shoulders and upper back, but overall good.

Tomorrow is over 21 kms with a level 5 terrain rating due to multiple inclines.  But, I will get my first view of the sea tomorrow, so that will be well worth it!

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