Well, I made it to Zurich!  The flight out of Chicago was over 2 hours delayed so  they automatically rebooked my flight to Madrid.  I now leave at 12:25 and arrive sometime around 2:45pm.  It is ok because I don’t take the train until 10p, but I was looking forward to at least being outside part of the morning.

I take back everything I ever said about being able to sleep on airplanes!  I did sleep most of the way from Indy to Chicago, but probably only got 2-3 hours on the 8 hour flight here.  I’m not currently tired, but know I will hit the wall sometime today.

Good news is no sinus issues flying!  I sometimes feel like my head is going to explode when the plane is descending, but I didn’t even sneeze this time! So I can smell the coffee and pastries in the concourse, but it means I can also smell my self.  Praise God for perfume displays in duty free!  I’ll at least smell like CK One for a little bit longer!  I would change shirts, but I only brought 3 and I don’t want to handwash so soon.

In other news, Swiss Air gets 3 out of 4 stars.  Good entertainment, good food, nice flight attendants; a hot washcloth in the morning to freshen up garners bonus points, but nearly getting hit in the face multiple times by the seat in front of me and having to contort to get out in the aisle to use the lavatory makes  it lose a star.  Totally not cool how much legroom has been sacrificed.

Zurich airport is nothing special.  I did get to use my German to translate for a lady and an airport construction worker and I finally got a Swiss stamp in my passport! Fourth time here and first stamp!  However, there are no drinking fountains, and I am not buying bottled water.  Probably going to go brush my teeth next and will try to fill my bottle in the sink.  I still have an hour before I will find out where my gate is and then an hour and a half before we take off again.  Perhaps I’ll take a nap…

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