note: this post cut and pasted funny so the paragraphs are ut of order.  Too tired to fix it, so have fun reading!!

Still haven’t showered yet, nor changed clothes.  The person I sit next to on the train tomorrow is going to love me!  Turns out the train I found through the Internet that put me in Irun in the morning doesn’t actually exist, so I leave Madrid at 8am and get to Hendaye at 2pm.  That’s ok, though, because the tourist office in Irun closes for siesta and doesn’t reopen until 3:30, at which point I should be there.

Currently the girl sitting outside the bathroom because it was the only free outlet I could find!  I’ll head upstairs when things are done charging and then I’ll be in range of the WiFi and can post things.

Still can’t believe I’m here (in Spain, that is, not the part about sitting outside the bathroom.  I’ve probably done weirder things while travelling before)!!!

So, I did make it to Madrid and had the chance to wander ’round the city quite a bit.  Walked to the parish church of St James and John and took some pictures which I will probably post in another post as I have yet to figure out how to attach pictures here.

Fitbit might update today, too.  I’m curious how far I walked today.  My shoulders are already sore and one of my heels, too. The first long day is going to be a really long day!  I think I packed too much stuff, but don’t know what I would give up.

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